Everyone loves to play, especially your dog! Why not make playtime with your dog a family affair? Not only are games fun to play, they can bring your family closer together, teach your dog special skills and satisfy his basic instincts! However, the same old game of Fetch could get boring fast, so get creative and have everyone in your family come up with a new game! Here are some of ours:

Keep your dog on his toes! Stand a few feet away from your dog, and show him a ball. Roll the ball quickly, aiming right between his front paws. Watch your dog scramble to get the ball as it rolls around underneath him!

Doggie in the Middle
Get your dog’s attention so that he knows it’s playtime. Then, sit on the floor across from one of your family members. Roll a ball back and forth, with the goal being to not let your dog “steal” the ball. The faster you roll, the faster your dog will move!

Zip Zagger
Get your dog moving! Roll a ball fast in one direction so that it doesn’t bounce. Each time your dog retrieves the ball, roll it in the opposite direction. Move quickly and you’ll have him zip-zagging all over the place!

Hide n Seek
Grab two cups large enough for a ball to fit inside, and turn them upside down on a hard surface. To get your dog excited for the game of Hide n Seek, show him the ball and place it under one of the cups. Shuffle the upside down cups, and let your dog choose the one with the ball. Watch him sniff and paw at the cups as he tries to seek out the ball!

He shoots, he scores! Imagine how much better you would be at soccer if you had four legs! Set up two goals (you can use books, pillows, you get the idea) and some open space. Run and kick the ball around from goal to goal, and see if your dog can take it away from you. Get a family game of Barkaway going to find out who is really top dog!

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